Karl Hudson

Karl Hudson is a SEO Entrepeneur, Digital Investor & Business Owner based in the UK.

Karl has become a great SEO Speaker and shared the stage with James Dooley for plenty of AMA events.

Karl is one of the best SEO Strategists I have ever come across. His strategies for split testing are next level and work ethic is second to none.

Images of Karl Hudson and James Dooley

Here is an image at SEO Vibes Poland of Karl Hudson with Dominik Maka, James Dooley, Michal Rochwerger and Igor Wisniewski

Dominik Maka, James Dooley, Michal Rochwerger, Karl Hudson and Igor Wisniewski

Here is Karl Hudson and James Dooley laughing on stage at Whitepress conference.

SEO Speaker - James Dooley Asked Is SEO Dead

Here is Karl Hudson with Koray Tugberk and James Dooley.

James Dooley, Koray Tugberk Gubur and Karl Hudson

Karl Hudson is on stage with Mads Singers and James Dooley in Vietnam.

James Dooley, Mads Singers and Karl Hudson at SEO Conference

Videos of Karl Hudson and James Dooley

Here is a video of Karl Hudson + James Dooley “Navigating the Future of Google Search”.

Charles Floate interviews Karl Hudson on his role working in the iGaming industry in the UK and dominating gambling keywords with multiple successful SEO campaigns.

Here is another great video where Karl Hudson discusses with James Dooley the top 5 things SEO’s do not do.


Karl is certainly one of the top-rated SEOs in the world as consistently ranked in gambling and dating industry for nearly a decade.

Getting 46 different online casino sites ranking and earning good money is why Karl Hudson is one of the most respected search engine optimisation specialists in the world.

He is the founder of Searcharoo Link Building Agency and also co-founded Backlink Doctor which is the best agency to recover websites from unnatural link penalties.

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