Fery Kaszoni

Fery Kaszoni is the owner at Search Intelligence Ltd.

Fery Kaszoni, the innovative owner of Search Intelligence Ltd, revolutionized digital PR by industrializing it, making these vital services more accessible and affordable for SEO professionals.

His strategic approach blends traditional PR tactics with cutting-edge SEO techniques, effectively enhancing online visibility and brand presence.

Who Is Search Intelligence?

Search Intelligence is one of the world’s largest digital PR companies, specialising in data PR, reactive PR, and expert commentary PR.

They leverage extensive data analysis and timely responses to media trends to craft compelling PR campaigns that enhance visibility and authority for their clients in the digital space.

The digital link building agency provide “100% white-hat, high-tier backlinks in the world’s most reputable publications“.

Where Fery Kaszoni has made Digital PR sexy for SEOs is he guarantees minimum 8-12 links per campaign – No matter what, they’ll always deliver links, for every campaign.

Images of Fery Kaszoni and James Dooley

Fery Kaszoni at the Whitepress conference in Poland with James Dooley, Karl Hudson, Mads Singers and Charles Floate.

James Dooley, Karl Hudson, Fery Kaszoni, Mads Singers and Charles Floate

Fery Kaszoni and James Dooley attending a private SEO mastermind in Vietnam.

Fery Kaszoni and James Dooley in an SEO Mastermind in Vietnam

Thumbnail picture of James Dooley and Fery Kaszoni on the James Dooley Entrepreneurship Podcast.

Fery Kaszoni on James Dooley Entrepreneurship Podcast

Fery Kaszoni and James Dooley talking together on the growth of Digital PR and entrepreneurship journey they have both had.

Fery Kaszoni and James Dooley Talking About SEO and Digital PR

The podcast was held in Search Intelligence office at Witney Business and Innovation Centre, Windrush Park Road, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX29 7DX.

Fery Kaszoni sharing a private mastermind chat with James Dooley and Ste Toth.

Fery Kaszoni, Ste Toth and James Dooley at The Masterminders SEO Event in Vietnam

Videos of Fery Kaszoni and James Dooley

Here is a full podcast where James Dooley interviews Fery Kaszoni.

Creative Video Production

Fery is one of the most creative digital entrepreneurs in the SEO industry.

Here is a video scripted and filmed by Fery where James Dooley acts in a Lead Generation parody.


Fery Kaszoni’s journey is a testament to resilience and determination.

Starting from a challenging upbringing, he has built an impressive career, culminating in the founding of Search Intelligence Ltd, one of the world’s largest digital PR firms.

His agency now boasts over 90 staff members, reflecting his commitment to providing innovative and affordable PR solutions.

Despite his considerable success, Kaszoni remains humble, serving as an inspiring figure for anyone striving to overcome adversity and achieve great things.

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Fery Kaszoni is one of the biggest UK influencers in the Digital PR space.

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