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Searching for quality solar panel leads can be overwhelming.

Don’t waste your money looking in the wrong places. Concentrating efforts on the wrong market or type of lead could prove costly.

That’s why I look at solar panel lead generation, why it’s important and how to find the best type of lead. Plus, I’ve found you a solution that requires no money up-front and a guaranteed ROI in 2024, read on for everything you need to know.

What Are Solar Panel Leads?

Solar panel leads are potential customers interested in purchasing or installing solar energy systems.

These leads are crucial for businesses specialising in solar energy because they represent the pool of individuals or companies actively seeking renewable energy solutions. Capturing these leads involves targeted marketing and outreach strategies that aim to convert interest into sales.

Getting lead generation for solar panels means that you could enjoy a steady stream of new business by converting leads into paying customers.

Quality solar panel leads can significantly boost sales and profitability for solar businesses. They help in creating a steady stream of potential clients who are already inclined towards adopting solar energy. This, in turn, enables businesses to grow and expand their presence in the competitive green energy market.

Why Are Solar Panel Leads Important?

Getting solar panel leads is integral to both new and established companies, ensuring there’s growth, an increase in revenue and a boost to credibility.

Boost Business Growth

Quality solar panel leads directly impact a company’s growth.

They provide a steady stream of potential clients, ensuring continuous business development and expansion in the renewable energy sector.

Whether you’re part of a start-up or you’re looking to take your company to the next level, lead generation is important.

Increase Revenue

More leads convert to more clients, driving revenue and enhancing profitability.

This financial boost is crucial for sustaining business operations and funding future innovations. A continuous growth of revenue can help secure your business.

Who doesn’t want to add to their revenue? If you can find quality leads that bring you return-on-investment, it’s a no brainer.

I have just the company for you, find guaranteed ROI or pay nothing… Continue reading for more detail.

Enhance Market Reach

Leads help firms expand their reach and customer base, allowing them to tap into new markets and demographics.

This broader reach can significantly enhance brand visibility and market penetration. You could find new opportunities and also a new target audience, which in-turn could boost your company as a whole.

It’s a great opportunity to tap into new audiences.

Build Credibility

Consistent leads enhance a company’s reputation by showcasing reliability and trustworthiness.

Building a strong reputation in the renewable energy market is essential for long-term success and customer loyalty.

How to Get Solar Panel Leads?

There are five main ways to get solar panel leads including marketing, content and using expert agencies:

Digital Marketing

Use SEO, PPC, and social media campaigns to attract potential leads. A strong online presence is vital for reaching a wide audience and making your services easily discoverable by those interested in solar energy solutions.

Social media and SEO provide you with inbound marketing tactics, getting potential customers to your brand’s website and giving them a chance to become acquainted, which could eventually lead to sales. Inbound leads are valuable as they are often already qualified.

Content Marketing

Create valuable content that educates and engages your target audience.

Blogs, videos, and infographics that address common questions and concerns about solar energy can attract interested prospects and position your business as an authority in the field.

Content marketing is an integral skill that’s used across every stage of marketing.

Referrals and Partnerships

Leverage existing customer referrals to generate new leads. Satisfied customers can be a powerful source of new business. Additionally, forming partnerships with related businesses, such as home improvement companies, can help you reach a broader audience.

Lead Generation Companies

Partner with a lead generation company that specialises in solar energy leads such as FatRank.

These companies have the tools and expertise to deliver qualified leads that are more likely to convert, saving you time and effort in finding potential customers.

Networking and Events

Participate in industry events, trade shows, and local community activities to connect with potential customers. Networking helps build relationships and allows you to showcase your expertise in person.

Zero-Risk Lead Generation

Lead generation usually requires you to pay-per-lead and can become costly.

My agency are a risk-free lead gen company that specialise in:

  • High quality leads
  • Qualified leads
  • Exclusive leads
  • Real-time leads
  • Only pay on conversion

It’s rare to find anything outside of pay-per-lead models and this means it comes with a risk.

That’s where FatRank step in – our team have decades of experience. You only pay once the lead becomes a paying customer.

That is a guaranteed ROI. What’s to lose?

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Choice of Leads for Solar Panels

Types of solar panel leads differ from residential to government, depending on your approach, your lead attribution will vary.

Residential Leads

Homeowners interested in installing solar panels to reduce their energy bills. These leads typically seek cost-effective solutions and are concerned about long-term savings.

Commercial Leads

Businesses looking to invest in solar energy systems to lower operational costs. Commercial leads often involve larger projects and more significant financial investments, making them highly valuable.

Government Leads

Government agencies exploring solar energy projects for public buildings and infrastructure. These leads focus on large-scale installations and often involve lengthy approval processes.

New Build Leads

New construction projects requiring solar solutions. These leads include both residential and commercial new builds where solar energy is integrated from the start.

Remodel Leads

Customers remodeling their properties with solar installations. These leads are interested in upgrading their existing energy systems to more sustainable and efficient options.

What to Look for in Solar Panel Leads

When picking your solar panel leads, you need to ensure that they’re relevant, qualified and of high quality.


Ensure leads are genuinely interested in solar energy and match your target audience’s needs. Relevant leads are more likely to convert and result in successful sales.

It’s no good having solar panel leads for an area or region that you don’t cover. Be sure to be diligent in collecting leads, the more relevant they are, the more likely they’ll convert.

Be sure to target the right audience and that they’re in the right stage.


Look for leads likely to convert into paying customers. Qualified leads have the financial capability and genuine interest in investing in solar energy solutions.

Leads that are qualified are more likely to convert leads to sales. This requires a sales team to go through them and qualify them, ensuring their primed to convert.


Focus on leads actively seeking solar solutions. Real-time leads, who are in the decision-making phase, increase the chances of conversion and reduce the sales cycle.

Real-time leads are important, aged domains aren’t as valuable as newly generated leads/

Source Credibility

Verify the credibility of the lead source to ensure genuine leads. Trustworthy sources provide high-quality leads, reducing the risk of wasted efforts on unqualified prospects.

Data Completeness

Ensure lead information is accurate and complete. Comprehensive data helps in effective follow-up and personalisation of sales pitches, enhancing the likelihood of conversion.

Get it right from the start, with the right monitoring and lead management. This includes ensuring you have all the data that you require.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Solar Panel Leads

Lead generation can easily be done wrong and that’s why you need to avoid mistakes such as ignoring quality solar panel leads or forgetting to follow up in time.

Ignoring Lead Quality

Focusing only on quantity wastes time and resources. Always prioritise high-quality leads that are more likely to convert into paying customers.

Quality leads are important, you should be diligent in choosing your lead provider. Anybody can play the number game, but it’s always quality over quantity.

How many of your leads can convert?

Overlooking Target Audience

Not defining your target audience leads to irrelevant leads. Tailor your marketing strategies to attract the right demographic that is genuinely interested in solar energy solutions.

Bespoke and exclusive leads will be valuable. Exclusive means they are especially for your company and are aimed at your target audience.

Neglecting Follow-Up

Failing to follow up promptly with leads loses opportunities. Implement a robust follow-up process to keep potential customers engaged and moving through the sales funnel.

Prompt response times are important, be sure to follow-up interest. Following up in a timely manner, increases the conversion probability and improves your brand reputation.

Relying on One Source

Depending on a single lead source limits potential.

Diversify your lead generation channels to ensure a steady flow of leads from multiple sources.

Not only will spreading your sources improve the chance of sales but it will also help your market reach and brand awareness.

Be sure to use lead attribution, to ensure you know where they’re coming form.

Lack of Measurement

Not tracking lead performance hinders optimisation. Use analytics and metrics to monitor the effectiveness of your lead generation strategies and make data-driven improvements.

Lead monitoring is an important aspect of gaining leads. You can measure their relevance, quality and more when you monitor them.

Types of Lead Generation

Understanding the types of solar panel leads can significantly impact your marketing strategy.

Exclusive Leads

Exclusive leads are provided to only one company.

This exclusivity ensures higher conversion rates. The leads are specifically tailored for your services, increasing the likelihood of a successful sale.

Exclusive leads are bespoke and are better quality. Being tailored to you makes it easy to understand the customer and also makes it easier to convert.

Real-Time Leads

Real-time leads are delivered as soon as they are generated.

Quick response times can improve conversion rates. Acting swiftly on these leads shows potential customers your efficiency and dedication.

Immediate action on real-time leads increases the chances of successful engagement. This responsiveness can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Qualified Leads

Qualified leads have been vetted to meet specific criteria.

These leads are more likely to convert due to their pre-qualification. They match your target demographic and have expressed interest in solar panels.

Qualified leads save time and resources. They allow you to focus on prospects with a higher likelihood of conversion, improving overall efficiency.

Optimised Leads

Optimised leads are refined through marketing strategies to enhance quality.

These leads are more likely to align with your business goals. They undergo rigorous processes to ensure they are the best fit.

Optimised leads improve campaign effectiveness. They help maximise your marketing efforts by targeting the right audience with precision.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about solar panel leads, be sure to read the FAQs below:

Are Solar Leads Worth It?

Yes, solar leads are worth your time but only if you’re diligent in ensuring they’re quality leads.

Leads aren’t created equal and that’s why you should be looking for relevant, exclusive, real-time and qualified leads.

The better the lead, the more chance of conversion. The more leads that convert means less money per lead.

Unless you use FatRank, who guarantee ROI and allow you to only pay once your lead becomes a customer.

Who Benefits from Solar Panel Leads?

All solar professionals can gain from solar panel leads whether you’re an industry leader, an installation expert or a sustainability advocate.

If you’re somebody with time for sales and a solar panel company, then solar panel leads are for you.

Those without time or a sales team may struggle to stay on top of lead generation. Be sure you’re ready before beginning the lead generation steps.

What is Guaranteed ROI of Solar Panel Leads?

Guaranteed return-on-investment means the leads are risk-free, something that’s rare to find.

FatRank are one of the only (if not, the only) UK lead generation agency offering guaranteed ROI, this means that you only pay once the lead has been converted.

Find out more at FatRank, you can contact and apply to become part of the team without any costs.

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