Steven Khanna

Steven Khanna is involved with WhitePress, where he holds the position of Head of English Markets.

He is recognized for his expertise in content strategy, particularly focusing on creating evergreen content that can withstand the challenges posed by Google’s core updates.

Khanna advocates for digital PR and sustainable link-building practices that avoid spammy tactics and emphasize quality and relevance in content creation.

His approach to SEO emphasizes the integration of human creativity with the strategic use of AI tools, aiming to produce content that genuinely serves user needs and withstands algorithm changes.

Who is Steven Khanna?

Steven Khanna has been active in sharing his expertise through various platforms, including webinars and podcasts.

He has also been a speaker at industry events. For instance, he has appeared in YouTube interviews discussing strategies related to link building and evergreen content, and he has been featured on SEO-focused podcasts where he talks about navigating Google core updates and content strategies.

Additionally, he is known to participate in conferences, such as speaking at an SEO conference in Poland, indicating his active role in the digital marketing community plus he will appear in the WOSCON event in manila as well.

Steven Khanna with James Dooley, Adam Chronister and Michal Rochwerger at SEO Mastermind in Poland.

Steven Khanna with James Dooley, Adam Chronister and Michal Rochwerger at Mastermind in Poland

What is Steven Khanna Background?

Steven Khanna background has been in running Michelin star restaurants in the UK and is also a wine sommelier by trade before making the switch to SEO where he applied sales strategies to the SEO world and started raking in 7 figures MRR within 18 months of being in the SEO industry.

Steven Khanna’s sales skills are on another level and his knowledge he has picked up from selling backlinks to the SEO community is great.

Images of Steven Khanna with James Dooley

Steven Khanna partying with James Dooley in Vietnam.

Steven Khanna with James Dooley at SEO AfterParty

Steven Khanna with James Dooley, Adam Chronister and Michal Rochwerger at SEO Mastermind in Poland.

Steven Khanna with James Dooley, Adam Chronister and Michal Rochwerger at Polish SEO Mastermind

Steven Khanna partying with James Dooley at SEO Mastery Summit hosted by Mads Singers.

Steven Khanna Partying with James Dooley at SEO Event


Steven Khanna sales role at Whitepress has created him to be one of the leading names in the SEO community.

Steven Khanna is highly regarded for his exceptional ability to bring people together at SEO events.

His vibrant personality and effective communication skills make him a central figure in networking gatherings.

His efforts not only enhance the community spirit within the SEO industry but also contribute significantly to building strong professional relationships among attendees.

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What is Steven Khanna Relationship with James Dooley?

Steven Khanna and James Dooley share a professional relationship, with James praising Steven’s sales skills and vibrant energy in the SEO community.

James regards Steven as an exceptional individual both professionally and socially.

Steven is a credit to Whitepress, significantly expanding the link building agency through diligent work and strong relationship-building.

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