Jaume Ros Interviews James Dooley Entrepreneur

Jaume Ros is a marketing nerd based out of Barcelona, Spain. 

You can usually find him breaking down successful SEO strategies on his YT channel, helping his clients with their online growth, or running a new SEO test on a website of his!

He is always open to collaborations or new projects so don’t hesitate to contact him.

In this interview, Jaume manages to get James Dooley to drop major knowledge bombs throughout this podcast, so check out the video below! It’s called Jaume Ros Interviews James Dooley Entrepreneur.

James Dooley is probably one of the most successful SEO’s that i’ve come across. This man is involved in so many businesses, ventures and SEO projects there honestly isn’t enough time in an hour to talk about all of them.

Instead we did a deepdive on how he got started, how he grew his businesses and talk about some usual SEO tips and tricks (Dooley’s got a bunch for us).

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